If you’re a front-line manager you’ve got a busy and important role so what’s the best way you can save time?  Maybe you’ve already tried a few techniques. Such a Planning; Author Brian Tracy says ‘one minute of planning at the start, saves ten minutes of work later.’

Maybe you’ve tried Stephen Covey’s urgent important matrix to help you to organize your priorities better.   However, I’m going to suggest something else, Coaching.  You probably didn’t know this but you are your teams’ #1 Trainer and the best way to train people is not to tell them what to do but to let them discover what works best for them.

You may be the #1 Trainer, but not the only coach for your team because you have two more coaching resources.  First, get your team members to help and coach each other and second, get each team member to coach themselves.  The more your team help each other and themselves, the less they will rely on you, so your workload will go down and you can focus on whatever you think will add the most value.

But I’m a manager, not a coach and I don’t have the budget or time to complete a fancy coaching qualification, you may be thinking.  That’s fine and of course, a prestigious coaching qualification would be good, but not necessary to get you started.

Because at its simplest, you’ll be creating a problem-solving culture and in my blog, I’ll help you get started with a simple 4 stage model, and it’s not the GROW model.

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