Management Development

Skilled managers are critical to employee engagement, organisational success and the well-being of their people. So management development is essential for enhancing skills, competencies and knowledge because, like most things in life, better managers get more done with fewer problems.

Effective management requires a wide range of skills, and each of these skills complements the others. In addition to the Management Development Skills, your goal should be to develop and maintain excellent Personal and Interpersonal skills too so that you can help your team accomplish its objectives efficiently and effectively.


Shaz Nawaz

The Profits Wizard – keynote speaker and consultant, AA Chartered Accountants

“Since Jon coached me through my Everything DiSC Sales profile I’ve increased my turnover by discovering how to communicate better with ALL my customers which made connecting with them and selling to them much easier.

I recommend Jon to help you build more effective relationships and have more productive conversations with your customers”.


Dan Bird, Trainee Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

“I have worked with Jon as part of the Anglia Communicators Toastmasters Committee this year. Jon had taken the role of Vice President of Membership, and I have been very impressed with Jon’s contributions throughout our time working together.

I have enjoyed working with Jon this year immensely and I would love the opportunity to work with him again”.

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