How many roles do you have?  If you’re a manager you’re probably a guru, psychiatrist, and solver of all problems.  And you are your teams #1 Trainer.  This is the second of two videos about the best way a manager can save time; by introducing Coaching to your team.  There are a lot of methodologies for coaching.  Many of them offer an acronym to help us remember the areas for questioning and exploration, such as GROW and I’m going to introduce a model that couldn’t be more aptly named; COACH!  There are 4 key stages.

C stands for Competency, it’s about assessing the coachee’s current level of performance

Suitable questions could be ‘show me what you’ve done’ or ‘tell me what you’ve tried’

O stands for Outcomes, it’s about agreeing to goals to be achieved

Questions here include ‘what do you really want to achieve?’

A stands for Action, the stage where we think about what could be done.

A question here could be ‘what could you do?’ or ‘how might you go about it?’

CH stands for Checking: this could be checking their progress and setting more goals

Questions here could include ‘how are you getting on?’ and ‘why do you think it isn’t working?’

Simple coaching can still be effective coaching and not only will it save you time, but you’ll also be helping others to succeed which is a great way to help you succeed you even more.

If you’d like a resource to help you introduce a simple coaching routine into your workplace please ask and let’s get you started!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day, Jon.