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Open Courses and Events

When we can…

We hope that during the summer of 2021 we be ‘real’ again.

Virtual learning and events can be good, however, in many situations they cannot replace face to face events with real interactions.

upskill group Learning & Development Courses 


upskill group Training Courses

Engaging, effective and enjoyable training courses for 2021.

Reduce: mistakes, skills gaps, staff turnover and dissatisfaction

Increase: Moral, engagement, motivation, reputation, productivity and profit

upskill group Manager Development


upskill group Manager Development Courses

First-time and front-line managers typically a crucial but difficult role to play in their organisation.  However, few receive the training they need to run a smooth and most learn through making mistakes and experience. Unskilled managers and poor teamwork typically lead to burnout, low morale, low productivity and profits.

Let’s address this through manager development and building a cohesive team to create a competitve advantage for your organisation!

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