Do you have an underperforming team?  You’re not alone, because many teams are dysfunctional.  Teams have been around for thousands of years.   However, the need for teamwork has never been greater because customers have higher expectations, they demand better value for money and the competition is higher.

Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage because it is so powerful and so rare.  A high-functioning team can achieve its potential, resulting in a healthier, more productive organization.  Additionally, improving teamwork is an important endeavour beyond merely helping organizations become more effective.  It also reduces stress and dissatisfaction of the people who work in those organizations.  This has a profound impact on the lives of their friends and family members as well.

How does a manager create a high performing team?  There are many ways, however, one of my favourite and most proven tools is Patrick Lencioni’s ‘Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team’. 

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

It’s a model that reduces politics, confusion and staff turnover which helps employees work better together.   Plus it raises morale and productivity and makes work more fun!

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