As individuals we adapt to life’s changes such as leaving school, getting a job, a mortgage and our own home. Organisations must change to remain relevant and changes can occur an individual, team or organisational level.

However, these changes can be frustrating for the top management when staff don’t respond positively and for middle management who feel squeezed from the management above resistant employees.

However, with a structured approach we can ensure changes are smoothly implemented and the benefits are achieved. And as individuals the key is in how we view change and our acceptance of uncertainty. By letting go of the way things used to be we’ll be able to deal with whatever challenges come our way.

 Is This Course for Me?

Almost certainly, because we need to adapt to changes that organisations need to make to stay relevant and in stay in business.

Course Contents Include

  • Understanding change
  • The Change Cycle
  • Responses to change
  • Dealing with resistance and getting ‘buy-in’
  • Strategies for dealing with change

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll understand why personal and organisational change can be difficult.
  • Changes seem to occur far more frequently these days. Organisations change to remain relvant ‘ll know how to use a model to communicate and implement change smoothly.
  • You’ll be able to help everyone understand the challenges that lie ahead.

What Happens On The Day?

  • Your one day course will commence at 9.30am and close at 4.30pm.
  • Coffee will be served from 9.00am
  • You’ll receive all the learning materials you need
  • You’ll receive a Post Training Action Plan to record personal action-oriented notes to help you apply your learning in the real world.

The world hates changes, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Charles Kettering (1876–1958) US automobile engineer.

He developed the electric starter in 1912 and went on to discover tetraethyl lead as an antiknock agent and to define the octane rating of fuels.

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