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Upskill Group is a Learning and Development organisation that exists so everyone can have a better day at work, because too many people don’t enjoy their jobs.

Developing knowledge, skills and behaviour drives morale, increases capabilities, job satisfaction, performance and profits.  In addition, building strong relationships creates a culture where people enjoy working together and feel good about going to work in the mornings!

Give us a call for expert advice to build a healthy organisation and a competitive advantage.

Meet The Trainers

Jon Britain began his career move from farming to Learning and Development in 1999.  Whilst running an arable farm in The Fens, Jon became an assessor for the Safe Use of Pesticides, a Forklift Truck instructor and a Health & Safety instructor.  He also began teaching Business Management in a Cambridge college.

Jon quickly recognised that he was enjoying these roles more than agriculture, so he left farming behind and started a new chapter of his life in Thailand.  it was three years later as the Learning and Development Manager of Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa that he became absorbed with workplace behaviour and people development.

Almost 20 years later Jon retains his enthusiasm for developing Management, Team and Individuals capabilities, resulting in engaged employees who take pride in their tasks and enjoy going to work.  Over the years Jon has supported the growth of many organisations, improving their People, Performance and Profits!

Read more about Jon in a recent Spotlight interview focusing on specialist L&D trainers.

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Simon White, is an expert in sales with many years of selling experience. Simon understands the real challenges facing today’s salespeople.

He comes with plenty of ‘war stories’ which bring the learning experience to life, along with techniques and best practices to understand the deal and close it naturally.

When he’s not doing his day job, Simon is a close-up magician!

Simon White - upskill group

Punit Jansari has extensive experience in creating positive behavioural change. His passion for learning and development has enabled him to work internationally in defining, designing, delivering and evaluating training solutions in global organisations.

His experience is firmly grounded from working for a global pharmaceutical company in sales and learning and development. In 2012 he started working as a consultant with commercial, medical teams and HCPs to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude.

Punit is qualified with certification in behavioural development tools such as Insights Discovery, TRACOM: Social Styles, Power Presenter, Genos – Emotional Intelligence & Breakthrough Influence. He is an accredited coach with certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Punit has an NLP Diploma & is a NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner.

Punit’s overarching theme is to achieve change in the right direction by combining the plan and actions as “to know and not to do, is not to know”.


Your talents are what make you unique and can be the source of great strengths. The problem is that not everyone is able to identify them, and lots aren’t prepared to put the work in to develop them.

There is a formula for Strengths development:

✅ Talent identification
✅ Time and effort
✅ Strengths

There is a saying that ‘we don’t know, what we don’t know and up until this moment you quite probably have no idea what your talents are.

You can change that, or you can let them lay dormant and unexplored.

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